Demetrix (Wareham Development)

About This Project

Nova completed a tenant improvement for Wareham in their Aquatic Park Campus. Before Nova was brought on, the space was being prepared for a future tenant and upgrading the warm-up infrastructure for a typical lab office space.

When Nova was brought on, a new tenant signed a lease for the space and drastically changed the design and construction.

Even with all of the changes, landlord only extended the completion date an additional month. Nova worked diligently with the contractor and architect to revise the permit and approval, procure long lead items, and work through the changes to meet lease construction completion deadline.

Nova Partners was hired as the construction project manager and was responsible for complete construction management, including pre-construction services, landlord and tenant coordination, city and AHJ relationships, coordination of the bidding process, and managing the project schedule and budget to a successful completion.

Corporate, Developer, Interior Improvements, Life Sciences