Gateway of Pacific Amenity Building

About This Project

Architect: Studios Architecture

Contractor: Dome Construction

Developer: BioMed Realty

Cost: $32M

Size: 50,000 sf


Continuing the longstanding relationship between developer BioMed Realty and Nova Partners, Nova was hired to budget, schedule, and assemble a design team for the development of a 50,000 sf tenant improvement of an amenity building which is located in the heart of BioMed Realty’s Gateway of Pacific campus in South San Francisco.

As part of Phase 1 of the construction of the mega life science campus, the amenity building will support the tenants of the five Gateway of Pacific buildings. The amenity building is on top of the underground parking garage and was designed with very high- end finishes to mimic the beauty of California.

The interior of the three-story building with one story below-grade was designed by Studios Architecture to meet LEED Platinum and was comprised of multiple food service functions including a full kitchen and cafeteria to offer a variety of options for tenants and there is flex conference space throughout the café.

The basement and top floor contained locker rooms and a state-of-the-art Exos fitness studio, which has cardio equipment, Olympic lifting equipment, and Crossfit training space. The space also includes a full-service spa with saunas, massage rooms, and locker rooms. The innovative design of the project made it a standout in the area that was previously lacking in quality amenities. The building has a green roof and an exterior bar and patio. The project was completed in Q4 of 2020.

LEED® Platinum Certified