Google, 1625 Plymouth

About This Project

About the project: Google at 1625 Plymouth was a Tenant Improvement expansion of Building 43, which will be home to Platform & Ecosystems: Android, Chrome, and Play. Nova’s team took over a warm- shell building which was also previously managed by Nova Partners and WRNS Studios.

Architect: WRNS Studio, HLW International, and Mithun

General Contractor: BCCI

Size: 236,000 sf

The theme of the building encompasses a road trip throughout Northern California, a journey of discovery, spontaneity and self-growth. Six floors throughout the building are themed after each destination. The building will reside 1100 users featuring 5 microkitchens, a café, snack bar, massage and meditation rooms, fitness center, game room, music room, library, and a 2 exterior decks. The open office has 1100 seats balanced with biophilia zones which provides alternative ways to work. The building also has 2 large stairways which communicates floor 2-3 and 5-6 themed San Francisco and Fern Canyons.

The beginning of construction was challenged with a vapor barrier exposure, which posed numerous environmental risks. Legal recovery procedures needed to take place while the café scope remained stagnant for 12 weeks. Despite the 3-month delay, BCCI was able to pull up the schedule by a full month. The multi-features of each areas required additional coordination between thermostats, graphics, fabric-wall panels, GVC, and Jamboard placements. The construction produced outstanding results guided by a combined team effort every step of the way.

Nova Partners’ Role: As the construction management firm, Nova Partners was involved to lead the pre- construction management all the way through project completion. Nova’s role is to drive the final design to fit within budget, manage architect and general contractor selection, along with various necessary consultants such as structural inspections, specialty art, and furniture. Nova’s role was to maintain a conduit of communication between Google, Stakeholders, and all parties involved through project completion.

Corporate, Interior Improvements