Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories

About This Project

lllB112 Data Center Renovation Project 20,000 sf

Location: Livermore, California

Architects: California Data Center Design Group, American Power Conversion

Contractors: Ken Nix & Associates

About the Client: The Information and Communications Services (ICS) department at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and California Data Center Design Group (CDCDG) engaged Nova Partners to manage the B112 Data Center Renovation Project.

Project Description: This project was necessary to upgrade the limited and dated electrical and HVAC infrastructure in the ICS existing data center. The project included the installation of a new electrical substation with auto-switching dual power feeds, upgrading the structure to withstand a significant seismic event and the installation of (2) 450 ton chillers and (11) 30 ton CRAC units for increased cooling capacity (N+1 mechanical design) to be modular and scalable to an ultimate load of 150 watts/sf. The INERGEN gas fire suppression system was also upgraded and tied into the new VESDA fire alarm system based on the new data center layout. The existing 18″ raised flooring was increased to 30″ for high-density loading.

Nova Partners’ Role: Nova Partners was engaged as the project manager to manage this technically challenging project, from start to its successful completion.



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