Oracle Headquarters

About This Project


Architect: RMW

General Contractor: Skyline Construction

Project consists of a full renovation of 6 floors sequentially during a 12 month period. Each floor is roughly 20,000 SF and is located in the Oracle’s main campus towers in Redwood City, CA. The intent is to standardize Oracle headquarters requirements, provide high-end employee headcount space including but not limited to breakroom kitchens, restrooms, closed and open office space, furniture and audio visual-technology.

Oracle aims to achieve these two goals:

1. To create an attractive, productive and inviting environment for Oracle’s various lines of business and enhance Oracle’s competitive advantage in recruiting.

2. To build an integrated “Build Team” (architects, builders, suppliers, etc.) that will work together and develop streamlined processes to provide scalable and predictable outcomes for delivery of each floor.  The combined work for the 6 floors will be delivered by one project team as a single project over a 12 month period.

The biggest challenge for this project is the 18 week permitting period for Redwood City. To overcome this challenge Nova has engaged with the Owner, GC and architect to develop an accelerated design schedule based on lessons learned from previous projects and experience working with the local jurisdiction.

Nova Partners was hired as the construction project manager and was responsible for complete construction management, including preconstruction services, coordination of the bidding process, and managing the project schedule and budget to a successful completion.

Corporate, Interior Improvements, Technology