UC Santa Cruz Summer Maintenance

About This Project

Summer Maintenance: Oakes College, College 8,  Stevenson College, Cowell College

Architects: Reel Grobman, Glass Associates, Simpson, Gumpertz, and Hager, Skyline Engineering, Axiom Engineers, Greene Engineers,

Contractors: Kelso Construction, Plainfield Construction, Montano Plumbing , Geo Wilson Mechanical, Clarke Construction, Duracite, Hinson Construction,  Cen Con Construction

Project Description: The Summer Major Maintenance projects include work such as: siding and trim replacement for the residence halls and apartment buildings, re-painting of buildings within the colleges, new water heaters and shower valves, Corian countertop replacement in apartments and residence halls, installation of epoxy flooring and Corian shower stalls to all residence showers and select apartments, carpet replacement, concrete stair replacement, asphalt sealcoating for pedestrian pathways, and other major maintenance projects throughout the Housing buildings.

Special Features and Challenges: There have been special challenges to address for each of these summer projects. For example, the 2006 UCSC’s Summer Major Maintenance program focused on College 8, consisting of 8 residence halls and 6 apartment buildings, all wood-frame construction with redwood and cedar siding. Much of the siding was cracked and weathered and had been improperly installed and incorrectly flashed. Nova Partners managed a thorough investigation, which determined whether to replace or remediate the siding for each of the 14 buildings.

Nova Partners’ Role: Nova Partners was selected by UCSC as both the project manager and construction manager. Nova has worked closely with University Physical Planning & Construction and with Colleges & University Housing Services to develop the project plan, handle cost estimating, and provide preconstruction services involving the preparation of bid documents and contracts. Nova has managed more than 20 different contracts each summer. The contracts have been held by the University, ultimately saving more than $350,000, which has been rolled back into the projects so that additional maintenance issues could be addressed. With a construction schedule of only 10 weeks for each college, Nova has provided on-site supervision and construction management, and led the overall project quality control program and final closeout procedures, successfully completing each of the finished projects on time and within budget.

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